Frequently Asked Questions


What do we need to do to prepare our material for shredding?

You don't have to worry about removing items such as staples, paper clips, bulldog clamps, or elastic bands from your material.  The only thing we need to keep out is plastic, as all material is recycled afterwards.

How do I know my confidential material is being destroyed?

It is company policy that all shredding is done on-site at your location.  We encourage our clients to come out and witness their material being shredded. Our friendly staff are always willing to explain and demonstrate how the shredding process works.  All material remains completely confidential.

Can I bring my shredding to you?

Of course!  We are always willing to make arrangements that best suit your schedule. We offer a drop-off service at our facility during regular business hours, Monday-Friday 8:00AM - 4:30PM.

How much notice do you need to book a shredding service?

This depends on the amount of material you have accumulated.  We are often able to provide same or next day service for our in town clients.  For larger bulk shreds, we set aside days throughout the month to accommodate large volumes.

What happens to the shredded material?

All shredded paper material is baled at our own facility, then taken to a recycling facility.

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