ON-site shredding services


Service You Can Trust

Lethbridge Mobile Shredding Inc. is fully insured, bonded and equipped to offer you a complete range of mobile shredding services. Because we have such a wide variety of options, we will definitely be able to meet your needs and deliver the satisfaction that you are looking for. We have the technical expertise, the equipment, and the experience to handle all jobs, big or small.


Regular scheduled pickup services that meet your needs!

We work with our clients to arrange the service that best suits their needs.  We offer and provide three sizes of locking document storage containers for scheduled on-site shredding services. All shredding is done on-site, giving you the peace of mind that your documents are kept completely confidential.  We invite you to witness the shredding process.

We recognize the importance and demand of personal shredding as well, and can quickly respond to your residential on-site shredding requests!


Prompt and efficient bulk shredding services that make purging files easy!

Our bulk shredding services make it easy to purge your unneeded files. Whether you have five banker boxes, or five hundred, we are able to respond quickly to your request. Simply have the files clearly marked for shredding, and we take care of the rest! Our industry leading equipment allows us to shred large amounts of material quickly, so even with he largest of jobs we are out of your way in no time.

non-paper materials

We can shred more than just paper!

It is also important to properly destroy non-paper materials that contain sensitive information. We can help!

​Are there other materials you need destroyed?  We are also able to shred and destroy such materials as:

  • Magnetic Media (i.e. hard drives, data storage devices )
  • Discs & Tapes
  • Textiles (uniforms etc.)
  • X-Rays

Not on the list? Contact us with further inquiries.

Hard Drive Shredding Services

Hard Drive Shredding Services

Additional Services

Drop-off Service

Lethbridge Mobile Shredding - Drop-off Service

Convenient drop-off service at our facility. You witness your material being destroyed!

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Seal 'N Shred Bags

Lethbridge Mobile Shredding - Seal 'N Shred Bags

The perfect solution for our residential and home office clients!

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Recycling Service

Lethbridge Mobile Shredding Inc. - Recycling

Supplement your on-site shredding service with a convenient recycling service!

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